How to make a video go viral

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We hear a lot about viral marketing these days, and especially viral
videos. This method of exposure is pretty easy to understand, actually;
it’s just word-of-mouth, but on the internet. “Viral” refers to the
contagious nature of successful viral marketing. One person enjoys it and
spreads it to two other people, those two spread it to two other people,
and so on and so on. This is why someone can post a two minute video on
Youtube, show it to a few friends, and within a week have hundreds of
thousands of views.
This can make advertising or just making a video for fun and getting it to
a wide audience a work-free endeavour. You put something out there,
everyone likes it, and they start sharing it with one another, posting it on
their blogs and MySpace pages, and, if you’re really lucky, maybe it gets
featured in a mainstream news outlet or even commented on in a late
night talk show monologue.


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