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Nikhilam cotton mulmul sareeNikhilam cotton mulmul saree

We at NIKHILAM working in the textiles industry since 1987 particularly in the block printing segment. We have proved the expertise in the printing industry with our superb quality products with the help of our efficient and hardworking printers. We deal in several printing varieties like Bagru Print, Dabu Indigo, Napthol, Black & White, and many more. Our major focus is on the natural color printing process. Natural colors and dyes do not use chemicals hence it doesn’t impact the environment adversely. Apart from supplying to our customers via an online business medium, we have also carried so many exhibitions in different parts of India, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, etc.. where we were overwhelmed with a tremendous response just because of the fine quality of products. Hope you would give us a try and enjoy our fine quality products!

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Types of printing Nikhilam works on!

dabu batik printing block print

dabu batik printing block print

batik saree baatik print jaipur batik print

batik saree baatik print jaipur batik print

Ajrakh ajrkh ajrak saree jaipuri ajrakh saree

Ajrakh ajrkh ajrak saree jaipuri ajrakh saree

sanganeri saree sanganeri print saree

sanganeri saree sanganeri print saree

Dabu Print

Dabu or daboo originates in Rajasthan and is a beautiful mud resist hand block printing technique. It survived the test of time with some difficulty and is a time-consuming printing technique involving many phases and a great amount of labour.

Background: Supposedly, dabu printing originated in China and eventually, Rajasthan became the most popular centre of it. The designs are similar to the “batik” style of printing, but the techniques used for the two are vastly different.

Technique : A very complicated process, it involves phases of washing, hand printing, use of mud resist and drying.

Plants, flowers and different motifs are core components of this kind of block printing, and the technique is practiced in various villages in Rajasthan.

Batik Print

This kind of prints revolve around selective soaking of cloth in a colour and preferentially printing it using wax.

Background: It originated in Egypt and has traces of its legacy in many countries. The process includes soaking, beating, drawing of patterns, applying of wax and other techniques.

Technique: A wax-resist dyeing technique, this process is applied to the whole length of the cloth. Either a spouted tool or a copper stamp called cap is used for this.

Ajrakh Print

A particular kind of block printed shawls from the western states in India where they display designs made using block printing by stamps.

Background: They originated in the very ancient Mohenjo-Daro civilization, and the legacy has carried on ever since.

Technique: Woodblock printing gives rise to very geometric shapes and patterns. Vegetable dyes and other natural dyes are used for the process, and this garment is a symbol of the area’s culture and heritage.

Sanganeri Print

Sanganeri, a kind of block printing that originated in Rajasthan, adorns home décor materials as well as apparel.

Background: This handicraft developed over the ages and saw contributions when people from neighboring states like Gujarat migrated due to wars.

Technique: A hand printing technique which involves laying out of the material on tables and then printing using blocks with intricate designs. The fabric is marked before, so that symmetry of design is maintained.

Beautiful floral designs with buds, flowers, leaves, mangoes and even Jhumkas sometimes are part of the detailed designs on the blocks.

block print live block print live

Hand Block Printing

All the block printing techniques and tie and dye prints that are practised in India boast of the rich culture and heritage of the country. Creativity, craftsmanship and a whole lot of effort go into keeping these printing techniques alive and trending around the globe. Different designs and techniques contribute to the popular saying of “unity in diversity”. The variety of different colours coupled with intricate designs is a rich source of culture that has been handed down and delicately preserved in the country. They deserve all the patronage and love that they can get.

ethnic wear saree nikhilam sareeethnic wear saree nikhilam saree

Fit Type: Regular
Fabric :👉 Pure Cotton Mulmul
Saree Length : 👉 5.5 Mtr | Blouse Length : .9 mtr | With Attached Blouse Piece | Total Length : 6.4 Mtr
Technical Specification:👉 Hand Block Printed Saree, You can see live block printing over cotton mulmul saree in the video link provided with product images.
Washcare:👉 Gentle Handwash
INSIDE THE BOX:👉 1 Nikhilam Cotton Saree, 1 Blouse Piece, Tax Invoice


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