Running a Youtube channel...: How to Win at the Social Media Game!

Price: ₹ 220.00
(as of May 14,2021 07:19:07 UTC – Details)

It is a common enough dream. To start a youtube channel. Yet to keep it running….you need to do some running! Literally! This book will give you tips on how to follow your dream and start your channel. And in case if the explanation given is not too satisfactory, you can always learn from other videos….on youtube!

About the Author :
Amrita Suresh is a Reiki Healer and Hatha Yoga teacher who makes people deep breathe. Involuntarily. Amrita calls herself an author, though writing fiction to her is about as enjoyable as taking her Doberman out for a walk. Mostly since, both activities involve a misplaced sense of adventure. Amrita also has her own Youtube channel with the quirky name ‘Half Sindhi Little Mallu’ a tribute to her geographically disoriented genes.
Amrita was also once chosen as one of the ’50 Youth Icons’ from Andhra Pradesh by a UN Sponsored NGO. She now spends her time doing iconic things like writing ebooks which Amazon states can be read “in under 15 minutes”


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