Top 7 Whats App Setting You Must Use To Stay Safe ( Whatsapp Security Tips 2020 )


Whatsapp- hello my dear friends good afternoon and Tell How are doing in the comment section also tell us are you enjoying our tricks and offer deals Or Not and guys yesterday we have posted loot offer which is of gaana if you haven’t read yet then must check you can get free 3 months Gaana Plus Subscription,So Guys today we are going to tell you some tips of whats app by using Which you can be protected from Spammer and Hackers,

As you all know how much we have to take care of safety these days, especially on our online messaging apps like facebook, whatsapp,

You have to take care of more safety on WhatsApp, Facebook, so today we will tell you how you can stay safe on WhatsApp.

So Without wasting your precious time lets get started.

What Are The Top 7 Settings Which You Can Use To Stay Safe On Whatsapp

  • Now Go To Settings
  • Click On Account
  • Now Click On TWO STEP VERIFICATION and Must enable It
  • Click On Privacy
  • Click On Last Seen and Set It To My Contact
  • Now Click On Profile and To My Contact ( As You Set It To My Contact Your Display profile Can Only Be Seen By Your Contact No OtherOne Can See Your Profile
  • Click On ABOUT And Set It To My Contact ( By Using This Setting Only Your Contact Can See Your About Section Whatever You Have Written )
  • Click On Status And Then Only Share With,Now Select Only Those Contact Whoom You Want To Show Your Status ( By Enabling This Setting Whatever You Put On Your Status Only Shared Contact Can See Your Status )
whatsapp tips
  • Now Click On Groups And Set It To My Contact
  • Click On Live Location And Set It To None

  • Click On Fingerprint And Enable It



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